Christmas gift wrapping will soon be in full swing! If you’re a gift wrapping procrastinator, maybe you just need a little wrapping inspiration to get you in the spirit this year.

When I was a kid, wrapping presents was one of my favorite holiday activities – second only to baking with my grandmother and mom. No joke! It’s still one of the things I look forward to the most each year, as strange as that may seem. To me, nothing is more fun than putting the kids to bed, grabbing the hot chocolate and peanut M&Ms, and wrapping gifts while watching my favorite Christmas movies.

I set out early, planning a paper color scheme (yes, I am that type of gift wrapper). Some years each recipient gets their own color of paper and other years, I go with two base colors of paper and change up with ribbons and bows.

Making that gift a little special for the receiver (and making it eye catching too) can cover up any gift fails you might have had. That’s why I love adding ornaments as name tags -it’s just a little something extra that they can use for years to come on their own Christmas tree.

Grab your paper, ribbon, scissors, and tape and let your creativity shine! I hope that you have the best and happiest of holidays this year! – Tiffany

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