Who doesn’t LOVE Valentine’s Day!? A day where we can show the people we love just how much we love them! ♥️ But let’s face it… Valentine’s can get a little cheesy. And when you are in love, you can definitely do some cheesy things!

The majority of the employees at Initial Outfitters Home Office are female, so I decided to have a couple of them reflect on past Valentine’s and give me their best stories! They range from cute & cheesy to shocking!

Kayla R. who works in our Embroidery department, said her current boyfriend surprised her with an extra large teddy bear holding flowers inside of her car. Aww, so sweet! When I asked her what Valentine’s bundle she likes the best, she said the black Amy dress with the snakeskin sling because “it would be perfect for a Valentine’s date!”

Miss Jane, who is a seasoned employee in our Quality Control department had an unfortunate Valentine’s Day that she remembers. She had spent many a crafty minute hand-making a valentine for a guy she had a crush on where she worked. After giving it to him, there wasn’t much of a response. The next day he came into work and exclaimed, “Thank you so much for the Valentine! I gave it to the girl I have been dating and she loved it!” Oh, man 😢

I asked Miss Jane which Valentine’s bundle she preferred, she said the one with the leggings and the Katie dress. “Being married for 35 years, I just want to be comfy for Valentine’s Day.” Me too, Miss Jane.

Then there are those Valentine’s nightmares that we just can’t escape! Jaleesa, who is a senior staff member in our Personalized Graphics department had a Valentine’s horror story that she shared with me. “One Valentine’s, the guy I was dating showed up at my house. THEN, his friend that liked me showed up at my house as well. And they both brought me presents!” In an effort to not be rude, Jaleesa took gladly accepted both gifts. Yes girl!

I asked her which bundle would she like to receive from her now husband, and she said the bundle featuring the Tiffany wristlet and the new heart bracelet. She said “The bracelet with the heart charm would be perfect for Valentine’s with our initials stamped on it!”

Valentine’s will probably always be cheesy, but the gifts don’t have to be! Initial Outfitters will always be here to help you find the perfect gift for any special someone in your life. And hopefully, the gift-giving won’t turn into a embarrassing story!

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