Statement on behalf of founders of Initial Outfitters

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When we founded Initial Outfitters in 2006 with a mission to Make a Living that Makes a Difference, we knew that would take on many different meanings for each person who crossed paths with our company. As people who love the Lord, we knew that love and compassion would be at the center of it all.  

As a company we typically do not make political or social statements, because we respect the fact that the consultants who have chosen to be part of this company come from many walks of life.  We choose to value each person and pray that we continue to learn from one another and work together as we all share the same mission of Initial Outfitters.  

Our hearts are breaking over all that our country has been through this year. First, the healthcare crisis followed by the renewed outcries of widespread racism and injustices in the black community. We have seen hate in many forms over the last few months. We choose to love, just as Christ loved. We will seek to make a difference by celebrating and recognizing the diverse beauty and talents of women by what we say, what we show, and what we do.  Our hearts are hearts of compassion and inclusion. Not that we always get it right! 

As human beings, we don’t have the answers.  But God does.  We look to him as the ultimate source of wisdom and pray that His love and grace prevail today, and always.  We pray that He continues to change hearts, open minds, and help us all live together loving our neighbors as ourselves. We simply don’t have room in our hearts for anything other than love for one another.

1 John 3:18 says, “Let us not love with words or speech but with action and in truth.” As we’ve said before, we don’t have all of the answers but will continue to look for opportunities to understand and to serve. 

Together, we can make a living that makes a difference.  That starts with us. 

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