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consultants have to say…


Star Outfitter

I joined Initial Outfitters to make extra cash for my family.
I also fell in lovewith the merchandise in the catalog, and I thought,
why not have a side gig where I can be cute?

I do not have one favorite IO product, because it is so hard to choose. I love my arm candy! I stack different bracelets on one arm and wear them out.

My go-to-gift is the cell phone sling.

Being a Catalog Girl has pushed me to work my IO business even more!

Being able to run my IO business the way I want is my favorite part. I work around my own schedule and I do not have to wait on anyone. Also, if I have an idea, I can implement to my business the way I want.

I was able to do a backpack drive for a non-profit organization to show awareness to their students. It felt good to give back.

Yes, it is fun! You get to have parties, meet new people, and empower other women!


Senior Outfitter Leader

The time of encouragement, sharing, growing, laughing, eating yummy food, getting to know the group better at this year’s leadership retreat… it’s just beyond words. We REALLY talked. And knowing that group has my back… that’s an incredible feeling.

I am crazy about the Telluride Cosmetic Tote! Because of the strap on the side, this is the perfect wristlet for your errands or casual events! And you can add a pop of color on the side with our Acrylic Mother’s Keychain and one of our small acrylic charms!! (I put words that remind me who I am on my keychain … Adopted, Chosen, Forgiven, Blessed, Redeemed, Accepted)

Being able to go hang out with my niece and other girlfriends without losing a job is THE BEST!!!

My favorite was this February when several consultants partnered together to get sponsorships for lunch bags to go to military personnel. To know those who serve us would receive our lunch bags filled with essentials (other military moms filled them) was amazing, as well as knowing so many children would be fed! AND many of those who sponsored were grateful for what we did since members of their families had also served.

My husband and I have been truly amazed that the company founders WANT to hang out with all of us. We matter to them, and that means so very much! Whether it’s hanging by the pool and talking or at an awesome dinner or ziplining through the streets of Vegas, the simple act of Alicia, Jim, Beth and Carol spending time with us is something we love and don’t take for granted.

My confidence has improved! I can get in front of others and speak without passing out in fear. I am LEARNING… LEARNING.. to be a better leader. And I am learning to laugh at myself more… like when I was attempting to do a FB live video, and my phone stand fell over! You just laugh and start over!

I think that it’s shown my sons how to set goals, and how to work hard to achieve your goals. They’ve seen Steve and I take the amazing incentive trips, and they know that I set goals and worked hard to get those trips.

I LOVE it! I think the best part is seeing when a woman realizes she CAN do more than she thought. She CAN speak in front of other women. She CAN start a fundraiser. She CAN make a difference in her workplace. She CAN help others find gifts they love. She CAN provide her family with fun extras (or more) from her IO income!!


Senior Outfitter

Shocked is an understatement for being name a Catalog Girl. I am also very honored and humbled. It is strange to think this happened just for sharing something I enjoy being part of so very much. This business opportunity is AH-mazing in so many ways!

My favorite IO product hands down is the 2.25” large acrylic monogram necklaces (one in every color please!). Each necklace is unique because you build it your way from the chain color and length to the size, style and color of the monogram.

I don’t know what I would do without it – and not from a financial perspective but from a perspective of all the other things that IO has become in my life …. Purposeful, fun, exciting, rewarding, challenging, building friendships with other consultants across many states, sponsoring and helping new consultants start to build their business and of course meeting new people just through wearing and sharing IO products who have become hosts, customers and friends.

My recent go-to gift for my customer giveaways is the brown hammered cross multi-strand bracelet. I believe in giving gifts that will draw someone’s attention and this bracelet is one of those items. It’s a unique piece with a just enough sparkle to catch your eye.

My favorite part of running my own IO business is truly loving the products I am wearing and sharing and knowing that when I share the business opportunity with others, they have the same opportunity to build and enjoy their business like I have mine. I have FUN sharing my business – it never feels like ‘work’.

It has given me purpose since becoming an ‘empty nester’. I truly do love jewelry and the opportunity to share with others products that I love and help them earn these same great products free and discounted makes me happy. I know our products make others feel good when they are wearing or gifting to others and that is just a great feeling.

Fun things have come from being part of IO that are even better than I could have expected – all the great incentives and opportunities presented to consultants to build your business, the new friendships and the opportunity to earn additional income just from sharing are just a few things that quickly come to mind.

We are learning and growing together. I really love that part– anyone can do this business – you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to know everything, you just have to be willing to learn, support each other, build each other up and help each other succeed.


Senior Outfitter

I love that I have control over how much I work, when I work and where I work my business. I love that I can offer help to my teammates and other consultants. And let’s face it, maybe because I can do it all in my pajamas!

Supporting other women in their business is humbling and rewarding. Knowing that I was once a consultant starting with very little knowledge concerning this business will always cause me to be encouraging and helpful in every way I can.

There is a sisterhood within Initial Outfitters that I had not found with a previous direct sales company. We can call upon each other for help with social media, vendor events, boosting sales, and my favorite is for prayer. We celebrate each others accomplishments as if they were our own.

Thanks to io I have been able to help pay for Disney vacations, help pay down debt, and say YES to my children’s requests a little more often.

Being a part of a faith based company has certainly impacted my life. Learning leadership skills from some of the best in the business has helped me within my team but also within my daily life.

In my 5 years with IO I have been able to give back in many ways. I have held lunchbox drives to help women as they battle cancer and for children as they await surgery, backpack drives for children in foster care, and even fundraisers to help loved ones with medical needs and upcoming adoptions.

Our earrings are my favorite gifts to give because there are so many options for all ages and price points.

Being able to all come together and collaborate with other Outfitters has helped build business and camaraderie.

I joined io after moving to a new state. I realize that sounds crazy considering you don’t know anyone in a new state, but that was my reason for joining! I had become a full time stay at home mom for the first time. I wanted to meet new people and help our family financially even though I was in a new role as stay at home mom.

My best selling product is our Cell Phone Sling. Everyone loves the ease of being hands free but still able to carry only the necessities in a simple, lightweight crossbody.


Outfitter Leader

I had the privilege of organizing a Lunchbox Love Project the past two years. The project honors the memory of a special little boy and because of it, I've been able to brighten the days of hundreds of children fighting cancer, as well as feed & educate children around the world.

I'm a single gal, and it's up to me to support myself. I work a full-time job & it pays the bills, but my paychecks were always spent by the time the direct deposit hit my account. I never had enough left over to save for big trips or any of the fun extras I wanted. Initial Outfitters solved that problem!

My favorite memory with my fellow IO consultants is getting to experience Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon with them, on my first rewards trip. What an amazing trip it was, and it definitely checked an item off of my bucket list. Being able to share it with other IO consultants, who include some of my very best friends, made the experience 10 times more fun and EXTRA special!

I'm just an average, country girl, having fun & earning a little extra money, so I can live life to the fullest. I never dreamed I would be chosen to be in a catalog. I am so honored & humbled at the opportunity to represent this amazing company.

I have a unique way to touch the lives of other women and help children around the world, all while earning extra money on my own schedule! I truly get to decide where & how my business fits into my life. That kind of freedom in a “job” is invaluable.

I love the motivation of having such an exciting goal to work toward. Initial Outfitters incentive trips are always to amazing places, but I have to admit, getting to travel with other consultants & the company founders, makes them even better.

I’m a happier person. Initial Outfitters has filled voids in my life that I never realized existed. The bond that I share with my fellow consultants is unmatched. The continual support & cheers, from everyone involved with this company is a constant encouragement. Now that I’m here, I can’t imagine my life without IO!

Being an IO consultant is tons of fun! My fellow consultants and I have the best time together. Whether we’re going on fun trips, celebrating accomplishments, or learning and brainstorming together, we are making the best memories. I get plenty of girl time at my pop-ups, get to spoil my hostesses with shopping sprees, and earn free jewelry and extra cash, in the process! What’s not to love?


Senior Outfitter Leader

Our family has been to amazing places compliments of IO and to places we would have NEVER chosen to go. We even made a cross- country road trip the year we went to Arizona. I realized that most of our family photos have come from our incentive trips!

I was in remission from Cancer and needed TONS of Christmas gifts for my HUGE family so I joined when IO had a kit where you could get 50 items of your choice at ½ price – I ordered all of my gifts using the ½ off items!

Our lunchbox is a great gift –fill it with goodies/favorite snacks/etc and everyone is happy. Great for birthdays, weddings, teachers and more.

As a school technology coordinator, senior class sponsor and the Mom of a senior to say the last few months has been challenging would be a HUGE understatement. To see my accomplishments on the slide and to know that through my hard work and IO’s commitment to their consultants not only was I able to “survive” these Covid months but I was actually able to thrive during 3 very hard months.

My favorite thing about running my own IO business is being able to work at home most nights in my pjs!

This is how I give back to others in our community through a local Foster Support Group (Called to Care) having an annual Backpack Drive for the underprivileged children in our county, donating to 4 different Cancer Awareness programs including the American Cancer Society, and helping people with fundraisers.

I think I am more outgoing and do more for the community using IO as a platform. I have rallied our community on several projects to help the less fortunate. This past spring I was even able to rally consultants from all over the US to send Lunchboxes to send to our troops!

Being an Initial Outfitters consultant is fun because I help other people, get to hang out with friends and family at parties, meet new friends, and get to know all the other IO consultants!

Supporting other women is lots of fun and at IO it is not just the ladies on your team – it is consultants corporate wide! As a team leader – watching your team members reach their goal and even push beyond their goals is like having proud “Mama” moments – you are so happy for them and their accomplishments.


Senior Outfitter Leader

I was under the impression I was “just a mom.” After joining, I rediscovered a part of myself I had forgotten, the part that was a friend, teacher, leader, and creative person. I found my confidence and my voice. Because of IO, I found me again.

I joined Initial Outfitters because God said “Do this....” Seriously..... I had never been to a party or had seen a catalog. My mom bought an umbrella from a girl I knew from high school. I liked it. Looked up the website and joined. It is crazy because I had been approached hundreds of times with other companies. This just felt different. It was definitely a God thing.

I had been praying for sometime to find something that would enable me to work from home and make some extra money for my kids’activities. So on August 21st I signed on. The. On August 22nd my son had a freak accident and broke his leg. My first 4 parties paid for deductibles we were not prepared for. So yes, this was placed in my path one day so we would be ready for the next day.

Great memories: Eating Chinese food at 3am in Vegas. I mean we’re grown ups! We don’t get to do stuff like that anymore. Also seeing the Grand Canyon and running from the “friendly” squirrels. Doing training skits with consultants on Zoom. The 6 hour road trip to Senoia, Georgia with 3 other women in my van. There are so many happy memories that all include my IO friends.

I love that we offer a variety of products that work for everyone. I always can find something to work for a gift idea.

So in all honesty, alllll consultants try to guess the catalog girls every time there is a new catalog. When I made my list, it never crossed my mind to include myself. So yeah, I screamed and there were tears.

I LOVE that my IO business allows me an outlet to empower and help other women. Whether it is helping them make extra money or find some time for themselves, I get to offer a way we can all work our businesses to meet our needs.

Every year, my 4 children and I work together to do a lunchbox or backpack drive for our local schools. It is an amazing thing to watch my kids realize their ability to make a difference in the world and in their own community. Working with IOLoves is a huge part of what makes this business great.

The first trip I was able to take was the Bahama Cruise. It was the first trip my husband and I had taken since our honeymoon (18 years before). We could never have afforded a trip like that without IO. My favorite memories have included some of my best friends - whom I would have never met if they weren’t also consultants. Ladies from other states. It is crazy. My all time favorite memory is my husband telling me how proud he was of my accomplishments while we were on the cruise. That was really cool.

My family gets amazing Christmas gifts. Hahahaha Seriously, I think that my IO business has helped my family see me in a different light. They know that I have passion for what I do with IO and that it is okay to have goals and dreams. My kids have been able to see the impact of our IOLoves projects on our community and there is a sense of pride and passion that comes with that.

It is the most awesome feeling ever. I am a validation junkie. So being able to build up other women and see them succeed, is such a rush! I love helping them realize the side of themselves they may have forgotten was there.


Senior Outfitter

A positive impact on my family! Little did I know how much until my employer reduced my pay due to tough economic times. My IO income allowed me to provide additional, much-needed income during a time of crisis. My husband and daughter love it!

I love all of our products! If I had to narrow it to one favorite it would be my Sterling Silver Scroll bracelet that I personalized with the names of my husband, two adult children, son-in-law and my beautiful grandbaby.

I had no intention of building a team! Eight months later, I have promoted three times, have nine consultants on my team and have earned great product, and two once in a lifetime bonuses! I am having a blast! IO is my happy place!

Initial Outfitters is my Happy place! Every encounter is so encouraging, always exciting and empowering to get together with other consultants, to share excitement, Ideas and to learn from them! I always walk away feeling empowered, and excited to implement new techniques and projects!

We offer such a great array of products from personalized jewelry, apparel, pet, children, home items and so much more! This truly allows me to pick that perfect gift tailored to their specific likes and personality for the special people in my life!

I was absolutely elated to be chosen as a Catalog Girl! I am very surprised, honored and humbled to be recognized and to be in the company of other very successful consultants who were chosen alongside me! It truly is amazing to be recognized by this great company!

I love everything about my business! I love the company, who supports us in our personal businesses. I love the stylish and trendy products. I love working with an incredible group of consultants and team members and the company is amazing!

I love helping my customers choose great personalized gifts! Being a consultant allows me to help my customers earn free shopping sprees, hostess rewards, and so much more! Through my business I have met wonderful women and developed great relationships!

There is nothing like helping someone realize their potential, learn and grow and achieve success! It’s about helping each other, sharing ideas, and learning from one another!


Senior Outfitter

Because when you become an IO consultant a whole new world opens to you! You meet new people who truly want to see you succeed. You are recognized for your accomplishments and earn rewards, all while making extra money! Who wouldn’t love that?

My favorite IO product is our Girl With the Pearl Earrings. I LOVE these because they can be worn two different ways, either with the pearl showing or the engraved side showing, giving you a versatile piece at an amazing price!

I joined IO mainly to get the discount and access to new arrivals earlier, etc. after being a loyal customer for 3 years. I won my sign up fee as part of a contest. Never did I imagine that prize would take me as far as it has and give me a second income to be able to do A LOT more for my family!

I LOVE the Senior Outfitter Vision 2020 Group I was apart of this year. I got to “meet” tons of consultants from all over the country virtually and spend time getting to know them, sharing ideas and encouraging one another. I made some amazing friends and IO sisters in this group and I couldn’t imagine working this business without them now!

Anything to add a little pop to someone’s home. Interior Decorating is a passion of mine so I love to be able to give someone a place to start and hopefully a love for IO products!

The people I get to meet whether face to face or virtually. I hear about their lives, their likes and dislikes, what we have in common. I love that I make friends with most of my customers just through this business!

In October I did a fundraiser for a local nurse battling breast cancer! I raised over $200 for her, which she in turn re-spent on IO products to donate to a local women’s home to supply Christmas gifts for their clients. It was amazing to see the love being shared and spread so vastly across the community.

It has made me, someone I thought was already a people person and outgoing, step even more out of my comfort zone and be even more outgoing.

It is the best feeling in the entire world! I already enjoy cheering others on who are wanting more and have goals they want to reach, so doing it in this business that I love and while selling products I love and stand behind is the cake!


Outfitter Leader

Supporting other women in the business is very important to me. Every individual who joins has a different “why” and set of goals. I always strive to help my team achieve their individual goals whether it is fundraising, social or personal milestones. Their success is my success

My Favorite Product is the Blair Ring. I love it because it is so versatile, can be worn with any outfit.

After a successful career at another direst selling company, I decided to look for a new challenge. I love to personalize items for my customers, which led me towards Initial Outfitters. The minute I met the founders, I knew I was in the right place. They always take time to help everyone succeed in their business.

At the conference fashion show last year I felt the amazing energy and camaraderie of all my Initial outfitter participants. I love seeing everyone else be recognized and the valuable discussions with other consultants.

My “go to” gift is the cell phone sling. It is so functional and stylish! Every woman needs to add one to their wardrobe.

Achieving a spot in the catalog was a goal I thought unreachable, but consistency, networking and a great team behind me paid off.

Meeting new people through Facebook, live parties and receiving compliments on a piece of jewelry makes it fulfilling, and assures me I am in the right company.

Initial Outfitters is continuously recognizing people for their achievements, from the shout outs on Facebook to a personal message from the founders.

My family is so supportive of my business, they are always interested in the new products coming out in the catalogs and share their feedback.

Working with Initial Outfitters has been so much fun. I love to see people’s expression when they try on products! The camaraderie is a total sisterhood any woman would dream of.