1.5 million lunches for hungry children. Because of the hard work and generosity of Initial Outfitters consultants and customers, we have funded lunches for impoverished children here in the U.S. and around the world. But there’s more. We have expanded the program to build schools and provide after-school tutoring to help support these same kids.

With every purchase a portion is donated to our charitable partners. Plus, we donate 100% of the profits from the sale of our adorable personalized lunchboxes and backpacks.

100% of the profits from these items are given to feed and educate children.

1 lunchbox feeds a hungry child for two weeks and 1 backpack helps kids attend school.


Our Consultants

At Initial Outfitters we make a living that makes a difference.  Our philanthropy is at the heart of everything we do here and we welcome you to join us in this effort.  You can feel good knowing that a portion of every sale from our catalog is donated to help impoverished children as is 100% of the profits from the sale of lunchboxes and backpacks.  Many consultants also do fundraising projects using the lunchboxes and backpacks to help charities in their communities.


Our Founders

Over the years we have traveled the world on mission trips to feed, educate, and minister to children living in absolute poverty.  Seeing the need first hand, and even adopting two children from Honduras, our vision for Initial Outfitters has always been to partner with our consultants, customers, and employees to lift these kids up and provide hope.  And Wow have you delivered!  Through your generous support we’ve provided over 1.5 million lunches and built several schools.  Food and education, wrapped in a loving environment, this gives these kids an opportunity for a better future.  We invite you to join us on this journey.  As we say, “Let’s make a living that makes a difference.”


Our Partners

We are proud to partner with organizations that share our vision and mission to feed and educate children.

Our Partners

Because I was obsessed and had to share with my friends!I love everything! I’m so happy that our line is diverse and appeals to more than one audience. I love jewelry (and all things monogramed). However, if I had to pick I’d say I love the home good items the most! Who doesn’t like making their home warm and inviting?

LisaSenior Outfitter

The time of encouragement, sharing, growing, laughing, eating yummy food, getting to know the group better at this year’s leadership retreat… it’s just beyond words. We REALLY talked. And knowing that group has my back… that’s an incredible feeling."

MISSYSenior Outfitter Leader

Shocked is an understatement being named a Catalog Girl. I am also very honored and humbled. It is strange to think this happened just for sharing something I enjoy being part of so very much. This business opportunity is AH-mazing in so many ways!"

NICKIESenior Outfitter

I love that I have control over how much I work, when I work and where I work my business. I love that I can offer help to my teammates and other consultants. And let’s face it, maybe because I can do it all in my pajamas!"

JENNIFERSenior Outfitter

I had the privilege of organizing a Lunchbox Love Project the past two years. The project honors the memory of a special little boy and because of it, I've been able to brighten the days of hundreds of children fighting cancer, as well as feed & educate children around the world."

BRANDIOutfitter Leader

Our family has been to amazing places compliments of IO and to places we would have NEVER chosen to go. We even made a cross- country road trip the year we went to Arizona. I realized that most of our family photos have come from our incentive trips!"

AMYSenior Outfitter Leader

I was under the impression I was “just a mom.” After joining, I rediscovered a part of myself I had forgotten, the part that was a friend, teacher, leader, and creative person. I found my confidence and my voice. Because of IO, I found me again."

STEPHANIESenior Outfitter Leader

A positive impact on my family! Little did I know how much until my employer reduced my pay due to tough economic times. My IO income allowed me to provide additional, much-needed income during a time of crisis. My husband and daughter love it!"

TJSenior Outfitter

Because when you become an IO consultant a whole new world opens to you! You meet new people who truly want to see you succeed. You are recognized for your accomplishments and earn rewards, all while making extra money! Who wouldn’t love that?"

HANNAHSenior Outfitter

Supporting other women in the business is very important to me. Every individual who joins has a different “why” and set of goals. I always strive to help my team achieve their individual goals whether it is fundraising, social or personal milestones. Their success is my success."

PATTIOutfitter Leader