Frequently Asked Questions

Before Joining Initial Outfitters

What is the cost of getting started, and how much can I earn?

Our current starter kit options that include product are $99, or $199.  We also have a digital kit for only $29!  Each of these options allows you to offer friends and family our complete boutique selection of personalized jewelry and gifts, and to earn commissions of 25-35% on everything that you sell.  Additional product and cash bonuses are also available to earn.

That depends on you! Consultants start earning 25% profit on retail sales and goes up from there! You can earn bonuses when you work your business consistently and meet incentive goals! You can also earn commission by sponsoring. When you invite others to join your team, your earnings potential really increases. Initial Outfitters consultants earn 25%-35% commissions on sales! And if that’s not enough, they choose when and how often they work, AND earn bonus pay on the sales of their team members. We even offer cash bonuses for promotions and personal sales!

Income Disclosure Statement

Compensation Plan

Are there monthly sales minimums to stay active?

No! There are no minimums to keep your account open and place orders. A low monthly fee allows you to retain account access, provides you with a website, social media content & calendar, access to training materials, consultant support and so much more!

Why do Women Join Initial Outfitters?

Extra money. Initial Outfitters consultants earn 25%-35 commissions on sales! And if that’s not enough, they choose when and how often they work, AND earn bonus pay on the sales of their team members! We even offer cash and/or product bonuses for promotions and personal sales!

Girl time. Does this sound like you? I just need to talk to people who are more than 3 feet tall!, or I just need to be around other women who are having fun! We totally get it, and our events ARE a lot of fun! Whether you are holding online or in-person pop up events, our goal is always to help you make your events engaging, interactive, and unique! That’s what your customers will remember, and that is what will keep them coming back.

If you are looking for something that is yours, something that you do for you, a creative outlet, a way to meet new people, to relax and laugh with other women, to make extra money, this could be just what you are looking for.

Recognition. From conference calls and newsletters to on stage recognition at live events, free product credits to dream vacations, there is always something to shoot for and achieve at Initial Outfitters!

The products. Personalized gifts are our specialty! There is something for everyone at Initial Outfitters, which is probably why our party average is so high. Pick out a great initial necklace for the teens on your list, coordinating monogram coasters and cutting board for the newlyweds, a Generations charm necklace for mom, a personalized pocket knife for the guys, monogrammed scarves for everyone else, and a great personalized bag for yourself! There is so much to choose from!

Can Consultants Earn Vacations at Initial Outfitters?

Each year we announce a new trip destination, and everyone from our newest consultants to our most veteran have the opportunity to earn it for themselves and their family Destinations have included the Bahamas, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Walt Disney World, Tucson, Arizona, Nashville, and a Caribbean cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. Come go with us!

How Can I Get More Information About Becoming a Consultant?

We would love to tell you more about Initial Outfitters! Please complete the Contact Us form and provide your mailing address.

Am I Allowed to Promote My Business on the Web and Social Media?

Of course! In fact, we provide basic training for holding Pop-Ups on Facebook, Zoom, and other popular social media platforms. You will always have a library of images for use in promoting your boutique offering on social media for individual sales and for sharing in online events, and there are regular posts, promotional videos, and live segments from the home office that you are encouraged to share. You choose how much of your business is social. For most of our consultants, it is a supplemental portion of their business, for some, it is their entire business. This is your business, your way!

Do Consultants Receive Discounts and Other Perks?

Yes! Consultants earn a 25% discount on all retail sales. Other incentives can be earned for free and discounted products through our SuperSTARt program for new consultants.

When you build a team, you can earn 4-17% on those you personally sponsor.

Our Super STARt program fills your jewelry box with personalized jewelry as you get your business off to a stellar start. Up to $600 worth!

Each month you have the opportunity to earn 50% off items based on your personal activity.

There is always a contest going on at Initial Outfitters which gives you the opportunity to earn anything from a Dream Vacation to Free Jewelry and Personalized Gifts and even cash!

Recognition and more Recognition! From on stage recognition at National Conference to your name in our monthly newsletter, we will use every chance we get to congratulate every Outfitter on their accomplishments.

Personal website where your customers can shop 24/7!

A business workstation for keeping track of everything you will need to run your business! This includes your sales numbers, team activity, training resources, and communications with the home office.

Can Orders Be Shipped Over Seas?

At this time Initial Outfitters ships only to locations within the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska.

How Can I Make a Difference With Initial Outfitters?

Through our IO Loves philanthropy! Through the sale of our Backpacks of Love and Lunchboxes of Love, and a portion of the profit from ALL sales are given to feed and educate kids in the United States and around the world. To date, we have sponsored over 1.5 million lunches through our ministry partners!

Is Initial Outfitters a Member of the Direct Selling Association?

Yes! As a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), Initial Outfitters is committed to the high ethical standards put forth by the association. The DSA Code of Ethics is a series of policies that every DSA member agrees to follow as a condition of membership, and DSA members are held accountable to these policies. You can rest assured that we are holding ourselves to these standards here at IO, and that the information we put out there is accurate.

To view the complete DSA Code of Ethics, click here.
To check out the DSA’s salesforce website, click here.

To view a series of videos from the Direct Selling Education Foundation, click here.