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    Christmas Gift Guide

    Tips For Baking Cookies for Santa

    Tips For Baking Cookies for Santa

    There is just something about baking cookies for Santa that you never get too old for.  The anticipation of his big visit mixed with all the warm smells of sugar baking fills us with excitement. So how do you make the perfect cookies for Santa?  By also making memories!

    Step One

    You need the right gear. Aprons are a must, but they are always better if they are festive and full of Christmas cheer. 

    Step Two

    Make sure to have a cutting board close by to place the cookie dough on before transferring them to the cookie sheet.

    Step Three

    Always make sure to test the cookies before leaving them for Santa.  You will need a glass of cold milk or hot cocoa to wash them down.

    Step Four

    Santa’s cookies must be placed in a special place when he arrives.  You want to make sure they are easy for him to find. 

    Santa's Favorite Cookie Recipe

    Shhhhh don’t tell. Santa’s favorite cookies are the Original Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Go grab a bag of Nestle Toll House Morsels and you are all set to start baking.

    Create Memories Through Personalized Ornaments This Christmas

    Create Memories Through Personalized Ornaments This Christmas

    Some people are absolute Christmas decorating fanatics.  They decorate every nook of the house with tinsel and garland.  Others prefer a nice, simple approach to Christmas.  Whatever your style, the decorations that are always the favorites are the ones that hold the most memories.  Personalized Ornaments are a great way to commemorate a year and create a snapshot in time. Here are some suggestions.

    Family Memory Ornaments are a must have on your tree.  Choose an ornament that represents the entire family, or everyone can get their own.  Using a sharpie write a memory from that year on the back of the ornament.  As you decorate each year, the memories written on these ornaments will fill you with love and laughter.

    A picture is a captured memory!  Create your own custom picture ornament by uploading your own photo.

    Do you have an athlete in the house? Personalize the sports ornament with his name and year.  Take a sharpie and have him write his jersey number and name on the back of the ornament.  You now have something that represents his interests that year and his handwriting.

    What about a ballerina?  Ask for her autograph on the back of the ornament to remember just how little she was that year.

    Fur Babies must be represented as well.  Show your love for your pets on your tree.

    Did you move into a new house this year or maybe you know someone who has?  Whether you are gifting it or getting it for yourself, years from now this ornament can remind you of the journey you have been on.

    Don't forget to give a memory as well.  Ornaments make perfect teacher gifts. Have you child write a special message to the their teacher on the back and years from now the teacher will remember your precious little one!

    Create memories that will last beyond just this Christmas.  You can see all our personalized ornament designs by CLICKING HERE.