Because I was obsessed and had to share with my friends!I love everything! I’m so happy that our line is diverse and appeals to more than one audience. I love jewelry (and all things monogramed). However, if I had to pick I’d say I love the home good items the most! Who doesn’t like making their home warm and inviting?

LisaSenior Outfitter

What is your favorite thing about running your own IO business? Being able to connect with other women and helping them grow their business. I get to create my own circle of friends with the ladies on my team. I did not go to college so I missed that big circle of friends from that so IO has taken care of that for me.

KarenOutfitter Leader

SOne of the things I love best about IO is that we offer so many amazing gifts! It really depends on the person I am shopping for because we have so many wonderful items to choose from. If I am needing a personalized gift, I love gifting our Tiffany Wristlets, Journey Necklaces, or a piece from our travel collection. If I am needing a gift that is not personalized I usually go with the Hope Wrap Necklace, a motivational saying bracelet, or some super cute earrings.

JessicaSenior Outfitter

Making memories in new places with wonderful people is my favorite! Our incentive trips have been some of the most rewarding times with my IO family as we get to know each other better and each sweet family. As I reflect on 11 years of fun visiting so many special places together I realize what an influence this company has had on my life! It’s incredible to think I have friends all over the US and could ask them for anything and they would have my back!

ShannonOutfitter Director

One of my favorite IO products is the Athena Bracelet. She is such a statement piece - so powerful. I love the melding of strength with femininity we get from it’s strong metal links and the delicate interlocking monogram. Its striking appearance embodies the image I strive to put forth as a woman - powerful, yet feminine, with just a touch of edge.

RebekahOutfitter Leader

Our family has been to amazing places compliments of IO and to places we would have NEVER chosen to go. We even made a cross- country road trip the year we went to Arizona. I realized that most of our family photos have come from our incentive trips!"

AMYSenior Outfitter Leader

I was under the impression I was “just a mom.” After joining, I rediscovered a part of myself I had forgotten, the part that was a friend, teacher, leader, and creative person. I found my confidence and my voice. Because of IO, I found me again."

STEPHANIESenior Outfitter Leader

A positive impact on my family! Little did I know how much until my employer reduced my pay due to tough economic times. My IO income allowed me to provide additional, much-needed income during a time of crisis. My husband and daughter love it!"

TJSenior Outfitter

Because when you become an IO consultant a whole new world opens to you! You meet new people who truly want to see you succeed. You are recognized for your accomplishments and earn rewards, all while making extra money! Who wouldn’t love that?"

HANNAHSenior Outfitter

Supporting other women in the business is very important to me. Every individual who joins has a different “why” and set of goals. I always strive to help my team achieve their individual goals whether it is fundraising, social or personal milestones. Their success is my success."

PATTIOutfitter Leader